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Charlie Locks Professional Skincare Range

The Art Of Positive Ageing 

Charlie Locks exists because we believe that everyone deserves to have great skin without exception. This can be achieved by following the stages of our skin care system and using the products in our professional quality range, in conjunction with addressing any particular factors affecting the condition of your skin. Skincare is all about routine. 

Caring for our skin on a daily basis is key and we need to find a way to integrate this essential routine into our busy lives. 

It is our belief that skin type based products in practice don't actually work. More often they contribute to creating the very type the product is chosen to alleviate it causes great confusion in practice with facial clients and from a therapist view can create a narrow treatment field. Therefore, we have eliminated skin types from our vocabulary and instead focus on ingredients that enhance and benefit a variety of skin concerns. 


Even if you dont have make-up on, getting rid of pollution, sweat and the grime from the day is vital in order to have vibrant skin.

I recommend double cleansing with Charlie Locks Deep cleansing Balm, followed by a second cleanse with one of  our beautiful cleansing lotions containing all the right ingredients to achieve beautifully hydrated skin.


Treat your skin....... Add a facial oil, serum or both to hydrate your skin, balance, even your skin tone, reduce the look of your pore size and promote that skin radiance.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, by doing this 1-2 times per week you are creating a smoother surface, a brighter complexion and it will help to speed up cell turnover. 

I recommend Charlie Locks Gentle Peeling Cream with Lemon & Mandarin.

Try adding a mask once per week, these are great for targeting specific skin needs and are packed with more potent active ingredients. I recommend Charlie Locks Boost and Glow Mask OR Soothe and smooth Pore refining masks.


A good moisturiser can help to maintain your skins natural protective barrier, maintain the skins natural moisturising factors, provide a good base for make-up, even out dry patches and soften the appearance of fine lines, feed and nourish your skin with key ingredients and protect the skin from environmental damage such as pollution. 

I recommend wearing sun protection on your face all year round- even in winter. if you want to age at your best , it's one of the skincare musts! sun exposure is the biggest factor in premature ageing. 

SPF in foundations are just not enough, ask yourself where you apply your foundation....... face? neck, chest? ears? if its not on the area then you are not sun protected and you are at risk.


At HAPPY SKIN I am a stockist of Charlie Locks; If you are interested in purchasing these product or would like to learn more about them then please do not hesitate to contact me direct. I am always happy to help and generally have a good stock of all products.

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Real people and no airbrushing.... Just Charlie Locks Professional Skincare Range

Real people and no airbrushing.... Just Charlie Locks Professional Skincare Range

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