Prenatal Treatments

Growing Tiny Humans Is Exhausting....

What To Expect

Prenatal massage is very similar to other massages, such as a swedish massage, You will be asked to lay on your side whilst receiving your massage & made to feel relaxed and comfortable with pillows for support. This massage is very soothing & will begin on the back, moving to legs, arms & finishing off with feet & face to remove those pregnancy tensions. 

Oils used during massage are of course safe for you & your unborn child.


Massage during pregnancy can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression while also reducing swelling, muscle aches, and joint pain. Those who receive prenatal massage may also get better sleep. Prenatal massage has also been linked to improved labor outcomes and healthier newborns.

Safety for you & your unborn child

Before booking your appointment, please ensure that you have a written confirmation from your midwife that you are fit & well to go ahead.  If you have been experiencing sickness, nausea, vomiting or you are a 'high risk' pregnancy then unfortunately you can not be treated. You can not be treated in your first trimester. 


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