henna brows

Henna Brows

Elleebana Eyebrow Henna is a natural based product that has not been tested on animals and is classed as vegan as it does not contain animal bi-products.

The product is mixed without the need for a hydrogen peroxide and contains no ammonia making this a wonderful natural alternative to regular brow tinting.  

How long will it last?

we are not all the same, however a good guideline is 7-14 days for staining of the skin and up to 6 weeks for the brow hair.

Colour Customising 

Elleebana Brow Henna has a luxurious range of 7 colours and although these colours are fantastic they can also be blended to achieve a customised shade or even an 'ombre' effect.

Patch Test

Even if you have previously had brow tinting you will require a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment. 


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